Monday, 04 July 2022

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Gray in Baltimore

Day one they met in protest
For the life of Freddie Gray
Clergy with moms all citizens
On their peaceful way
Thousands strong through legal march
They set out to change the day
Violence came at hands of few
Cameras found only foul play

We dehumanize those different
Mostly we look away
We take a peek through narrow lens
Talking heads rule the day
A complex human scene reduced
Simplistic news decays
Sporting fans they burn and riot
Mostly white so it's OK

No talk of bigger pictures
That’s not what news is for
Only dark clouds of chaos
Feed the simple not much more
A tapestry of culture
Turned to monolithic lies
Truth is not on TV
Please open your eyes

The memes that recall history
Tell stories not so real
The days of Martin Luther King
Saw lies violence not healed
Look beyond the headlines
Yesterday and more today
The people who you judge
Are human in every way

In cities marked by violence
More people good than bad
Mostly those who protest
Great intentions hearts they have
We’re good at using labels
Blacks designated thugs
If you can’t see the suffering
Pretend they are white